Homeowner Energy Tips: Geothermal Heating Systems

Homeowner energy tips often include installing environmentally friendly—or green—heating and cooling systems. Geothermal heating systems certainly fit the bill, but do they fit your budget and your home? What should you consider before choosing a geothermal system? Geothermal systems take advantage of the Earth’s heat to passively control the temperature in your home. At a low enough depth—and we’re not talking about a Journey to the Center of the Earth here—the temperature underground stays pretty much the same year round. Say, for instance, the temperature stays at 68 degrees all the time. In the summer, you can use a geothermal system to cool the air, and in the winter you can use it to heat the air. You only use a little electricity to power a pump to circulate coolant through the system, a fan to blow air, and a few other odds and ends like the thermostat. You save on fuel bills for gas or heating oil or electricity necessary for other systems, which is why geothermal systems remain high on the list of homeowner energy tips. Here’s the catch: geothermal systems cost a lot of money up front to install. So, if you’re someone who throws nickels around like they’re manhole covers, you may need to think twice about installing a geothermal system. And it’s not just the price of the unit; you have to bore a well and dig trenches for pipe around your home, which isn’t cheap. It might also mean a geothermal system is impractical if you have a small yard. You can expect to spend at least $10,000 to install a geothermal system in an average size home. That doesn’t include the duct work within the home. You can also expect to save as much as 70 percent on your energy bills, so the system could pay for itself very quickly. The costs can vary widely by location and contractor, so get several estimates before you make any decisions. Another reason geothermal systems remain high on the list of homeowner energy tips is because you can get tax breaks for installing them. This helps offset the high cost of installation. You may also get incentives from your local electric company, which saves you even more on your monthly energy costs and helps you get a quicker return on your investment. Geothermal systems are quiet, require little maintenance, and can last for decades. They are expensive up front, but they can save you hundreds every month. With tax incentives and rebates for installation, it’s no wonder they often top the list of homeowner energy tips. Spencer AC & Heating is glad to provide homeowner energy tips that are designed to save you money. We are also here for all your heating and cooling needs. For services on your HVAC system, call us today at 972.446.2665.