Air Ducts Series: Part 3 of 3 | How To Complete A Home Air Quality Test

A home air quality test is not something the average homeowner can do on his or her own.  Such a test requires a certified technician to come in and test not only the home air quality, but diagnose how effective your ductwork is functioning as well.  Not only does this process require special skills and knowledge, but it also requires equipment that most people don’t have sitting around in their garage.
home air quality test

Learn the steps performed during a home air quality test in this third and final installment of a three part-series from Spencer AC & Heating.

Home Air Quality Testing Process A certified technician starts a home air quality test by visually inspecting the duct system for obvious defects, such as holes, tears or separation from the rest of the duct system.  Although the average homeowner certainly can inspect ductwork, there are some types of damage that are less obvious to the untrained eye. Plus, if the technician puts his foot through the drywall in the living room ceiling, he is less likely to sleep on the sofa that evening. Pressurizing the Duct System In the next stage of a home air quality test, the technician will cover the supply and return openings, then connect the duct fan to a return grille. For those of you whose eyes have glazed over because you didn’t even know your HVAC system had those parts, you can now see why this is not a job for mere mortals.  The technician then runs a test to pressurize the duct system and take readings to determine if the duct system is functioning properly. Report to Homeowner Once all the readings have been obtained and calculated, the technician compiles a home air quality test report that details the extent of duct leakage.  The technician can then make recommendations for repairing or replacing ductwork based on the report to improve home air quality and allow your heating and air conditioning system to run more efficiently.  Not only should your indoor air quality improve, but you could save money as well, making a home air quality test even more appealing. A home air quality test is the best way to determine if the air in your home is healthy and clean.  For more information on home air quality or duct testing, visit our website and connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.