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Heating Problem: What to Do When Your Furnace Leaks Water?

Your furnace could leak water—and it happens due to a variety of reasons. Here’s are the four of them:

Clogged or Leaking Condensate Line

The exchanging of heat in your furnace creates condensation (the process of changing vapor to water). The condensate line and drain trap will prevent condensation from happening. But if these parts are clogged or have cracks, the water will accumulate and leak on your floor around your heating system. Your equipment may also blow cold air.

Malfunctioning Condensate Pump

Your furnace’s condensate pump is the one channeling the water through the drain trap and condensate line. However, if the pump encounters mechanical issues during the operation, water leakage may occur. Schedule your heating repair in Irving, TX to solve the problem right away!

Incorrectly-Sized Vent Pipe

If you use a conventional furnace with an AFUE lower than 90, expect it to have a metal exhaust vent pipe. Your furnace creates a combustion process that produces hot gas that’s vented outdoors. If your system has an incorrectly-sized exhaust vent pipe, then the gas will get trapped inside the pipe. Throughout the operation, the accumulated gas gets cool, resulting in condensation. The formed liquid will eventually leak around your heating system.

Humidifier Leakage

Many homeowners add humidifiers to their HVAC systems to combat dry indoor air during the winter season. The IAQ device generally depends on water to operate. If it is clogged, it can create a puddle on the floor around your furnace. The common misconception is homeowners think that their furnace leaks water, but it actually came from their humidifier. The best thing to do is call their pros to investigate this issue.

When your furnace leaks water, it signals an issue.  You should not delay the repair, or otherwise, you’ll end up spending on more costly problems. When you need a quick solution, Spencer Air Conditioning & Heating is here to the rescue.

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