Satisfactory Heating Maintenance
Service in Grand Prairie, TX

spencer heating maintenance in Grand Prairie, TX

Why spend for expensive repairs when you can avoid common heating system problems? Blower troubles, high temperatures, inefficient systems and other issues are easily avoided by having your heating system checked.

What Happens During a Heating Maintenance Visit?

If you haven’t experienced routine heating maintenance in Grand Prairie, TX, this question has probably been in your mind.  A team of certified and highly trained technicians will arrive at your property to diagnose the condition of your heating system. Here’s what will happen during a heating maintenance visit:

Heating Unit Testing and Blower Motor Testing

First, we will examine the unit for any visible damage to your heating equipment. These include worn-out parts like broken belts, damaged screws or bolts, loose connections, and others. Then, they proceed to blower motor testing to check if the motor is working correctly. Repairing or replacing damaged parts and motors will depend on the extent of damage we’ll find during the heating maintenance in Grand Prairie, TX.

Pipe Cleaning

The process entails cleaning accumulated lint, dirt, and dust from your heat ducts with a vacuum cleaner. This serves as an added protection against fire hazards in your home because these things can cause a short circuit that may ignite flammable materials like carpeting and drapes in your house.

Filter Check

Dirty filters are a common problem that can be detected by looking at the airflow and heating distribution of your home. The good news is that replacing dirty air filter systems in ducts will improve airflow, distributing heat more efficiently throughout your house.

Filters help remove dirt from the inside heating system, allowing for proper airflow within the household’s ventilation ducts. If left untouched or uncleaned for too long, they become clogged with debris and impede on effective use of central heater unit across rooms around your property.  

HVAC Inspection

This involves checking the whole heating system from the furnace down to the gas line and electrical components. Inspection of this nature guarantees that your system is protected against damages, wear and tear and injuries brought about by bad wiring or insufficient gas supply.

Thermostat Adjustment

Temperature regulation is one of the most vital functions of your heating system because this allows you to have a comfortable temperature inside your house. Spencer professionals will also show you how to adjust temperature settings for better comfort at home.

Repairs and Maintenance

We make necessary repairs on faulty parts we’ve encountered during our inspection with strict adherence to safety procedures as well as industry standards. We never compromise quality because it costs you less money in the long run.  

Service Agreement

Our after-sale service agreement covers everything from heating maintenance to emergency repairs. We aim to help you prolong the life of your heating system even when there are parts that you can’t fix by yourself.  

Cleaning Up

And lastly, we will make sure that no mess is left behind after our service. Our certified technicians are very tidy, and they won’t leave even a speck of dust which can cause health problems for your family.

We’re Your Local Experts for Heating Maintenance in Grand Prairie, TX

Spencer Air Conditioning and Heating provides top-quality HVAC repair or installation service at the most affordable cost available in Grand Prairie, TX. We also provide an HVAC maintenance contract that includes upholstery cleaning services! You may contact us by calling 972-446-2665.