Heating Maintenance Guide: When Do You Need a Furnace Tune-Up and Why Should You Hire the Right Technician?

heating maintenance in Coppell, TX!

Heating maintenance in Coppell, TX, is one sure way to keep your furnace or heat pumps in excellent working order as an early sign of a problem is detected immediately before it becomes severe and damaging. From the excess buildup of dirt, leak to rust, you can be confident that your unit works at its best throughout the long summer days. 

But what happens during an HVAC tune-up? When does your furnace need to be maintained? And why should you leave the job to the right expert? Here, you will know them all!

What is Heating Maintenance? 

Heating maintenance generally refers to the regular upkeep of furnaces or heat pumps to keep them functional and efficient whatever the season. This usually means that a fully certified technician will come and inspect the system, clean it if necessary, and guarantee that all parts are working as they should be. 

It’s recommended that homeowners get their furnaces serviced at least once a year, typically in the fall. It gives you a chance to catch any potential problems before they turn into more significant issues and can help keep your heating bills down. 

What is Included in Heating Maintenance? 

Well, this depends on the pros you call for immediate heating maintenance in Coppell, TX. However, they will most likely remove any buildup of dirt in your unit or fix any broken parts in no time. They may also adjust the system to ensure it would run during the shivering months.  

When Does Your Heating System Require a Tune-Up? 

Most home and business owners end up spending more on an HVAC repair because they don’t know their unit already has problems.

There’s nothing to be ashamed of if you are in the same situation. The following are a few signs your heating appliance needs immediate care and attention: 

  1. Your energy bills have drastically increased

Have you been paying high electric costs for the past few months? If yes, that can literally give you a headache, and you can’t help but wonder why. It could be a leak in the ductwork, the buildup of dirt in the filter, or rust in the heat exchanger. 

For better diagnosis, the top-of-the-line heating maintenance in Coppell, TX, from the pros can give you peace of mind. 

  1. Unfamiliar noises are coming from your unit

It’s normal for your furnace to create a sound while running. However, if the noise is strange, it might signify a serious problem with your appliance.

If you hear a loud clicking sound from the furnace, it can mean a cracked heat exchanger that you cannot take lightly as carbon monoxide begins to sip out from your equipment. 

This requires some deep cleaning and quick patch-up to keep you and your family from danger, and the expert in heating maintenance in Coppell, TX, has covered you. 

Here are the other scary sounds you should pay attention to: 

  • Rattling – The fan belt has come loose, or there is something caught in the blower.
  • Humming – There could be an electrical problem in your heater that’s best left to the professional.
  • Shrieking – The belt could be damaged. 
  • Scraping – It’s possible that the ball bearings are worn out, or the blower wheel has come loose. 
  • Whistling – Your filter may have excess dirt, dust, pet dander, or pollen. 
  1. The heated air doesn’t seem to be reaching your desired temperature

A high-end furnace can last for years. But that doesn’t mean it will run throughout its lifetime without any problem. It may no longer provide enough conditioned warm air to your home with frequent use. 

And as a homeowner, it is an overwhelming experience when it happens at the time you need it most. It would be best to have an expert look into it as early as possible before the situation gets out of hand. 

  1. The furnace is short-cycling

Many people believe that the bigger the heat pump, the better. But that’s not always the case, as it might just cause the HVAC system to turn on and off more frequently than usual. 

Therefore, choosing the right furnace size for your home’s specific needs and requirements is necessary. Other reasons for short cycling could be a clogged filter or closed return vents. 

Is Regular Heating Maintenance Worth It? 

It’s costly and time-consuming to maintain an appliance like a heat pump. But the money and the efforts you invest in will be worth it and won’t go to waste. Not only can you enjoy using an efficient furnace, but you can also beat the freezing days without any trouble. 

Here are a few perks of having your unit tuned up regularly: 

  • Improved efficiency – A well-maintained furnace can function at its best, especially during winter. 
  • Fewer repairs – As with any appliance, the more you use it, the faster it wears out and breaks down. But with proper maintenance, you can prevent or at least delay significant damage and expensive repairs. 
  • Extended lifespan – Like any other equipment at home, a furnace has a limited lifespan. However, through regular tune-ups and check-ups, you can ensure that it lasts longer than expected. 
  • Energy savings – Heating and cooling systems account for more than half of the average home’s energy costs. So, if you can reduce your energy consumption by even 10%, it can add up to significant savings in the long run.
  • Increased comfort – A well-maintained furnace will distribute heat evenly throughout your home, providing maximum comfort and satisfaction.
  • Improved safety – A furnace that doesn’t receive the TLC can be a safety hazard. So, by having it checked regularly, you can be sure that it is safe to use and won’t put your family at risk.

Can DIY Maintenance Save You Money? 

Definitely! You can save some cash when you handle some heating maintenance tasks on your own. But if you do not have enough experience and equipment, DIY heating maintenance in Coppell, TX, may lead to unexpected replacements. 

Here are the other dangers of DIY heating upkeep: 

It may cause more damage: Without prior knowledge and tools, you may damage your furnace further and make the repairs costlier.

Other repair issues may be overlooked: A professional has in-depth expertise to spot potential problems and prevent them from becoming more extensive.

It’s time-consuming: Unless you’re familiar with the process, doing DIY heating maintenance in Coppell, TX, can take much time. And if you have a busy schedule, it’s better left to the experts. 

Searching for HVAC components is not easy: Even if you are familiar with the process, you might not have the necessary parts to do the job, so you’ll have to order them, which can disrupt your schedule. 

It might void the warranty: Some manufacturers voided the warranties of units maintained by non-licensed personnel. Therefore, you have to make sure to let a licensed technician work on your heating system. 

Why Should You Always Depend On and Trust an Expert? 

When your furnace breaks down in the middle of winter, it’s normal to examine or fix your unit. While it may be a good idea for tasks like cleaning the filter, it’s not ideal when the problem in your unit is tricky. So, hiring an insured and licensed HVAC technician will be your best bet. 

Here are the benefits of leaving a heating maintenance project to an expert: 

Efficiency – They can quickly diagnose the problem and provide an effective and efficient solution. Thanks to their advanced tools and diverse team of technicians. 

Quick turnaround time – A local HVAC contractor can usually get the job done within a day or two, so you don’t have to wait too long to fix your heating system. 

Peace of mind – Knowing that your furnace is in good hands can give you peace of mind, especially during the colder months. 

Safety – An expert will make sure that the job is completed safely and won’t put your family at risk. Also, they adhere to the industry’s highest standards and don’t take any shortcuts. 

Insurance – In case something goes wrong while working on your unit, the technician will have insurance that will cover the damages for your convenience.

Premium Heating Maintenance in Coppell, TX? Don’t Look Further Than Spencer Air Conditioning & Heating! 

At Spencer Air Conditioning & Heating, we understand that a properly functioning furnace has a vital role in your comfort, especially during the colder months. That’s why our team of highly-trained HVAC technicians is here to provide you with the best heating maintenance in Coppell, TX!

We recommend that homeowners have their heating systems serviced and inspected at least once a year to ensure that they run with minimal failures and breakdowns. 

If you’re in need of premium heating maintenance services, installation, repair, or replacement in Coppell and the surrounding areas in Texas, contact us at 972-544-5478 today to schedule a consultation. We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon!  

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