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Are you looking to upgrade your home comfort? If you are, we advise hiring an experienced technician for heating installation in Plano, TX. At Spencer Air Conditioning and Heating, our technicians are trained to install all types of heating systems.

Whether you’ve recently moved to the Plano, TX area and need your new heating system installed, or you want to upgrade your current HVAC system, our team of experts is here to help. We always aim to provide our customers with superior service, so you can always expect nothing less than the best when choosing us for your heating installation project.


How to Choose the Right Heating Unit?

Heating installation is an essential aspect of any home. There are many different heating systems to choose from, so it can be difficult to know which one will work best for your needs. This article discusses the most common type of heating systems and how they perform in certain situations.

Oil-Forced Air System

Oil-forced air systems use oil instead of natural gas. If you’re looking for a more economical option than natural gas, this is a practical choice. This system will also heat your home fast, usually only taking 20 minutes to get the room temperature up to where you like it.

Electric Forced Air System

Electric forced-air systems operate similarly to oil-forced air systems. Instead of using fuel such as natural gas or oil, this system uses electricity to generate energy. This system is the most expensive of all the systems, but it’s also the safest since this heating unit produces no open flames or fumes.

Radiant Panel System

Radiant panel systems are highly effective at providing heat in new construction or remodeled homes where houses have been tightly insulated with an airtight shell. It works by heating the air in the room up to 70 degrees warmer than the temperature on the thermostat setting (convection). The panel can be installed on an inside or outside wall, and it heats the entire space of the room evenly, so there are no cold spots. This gas-free system is environmentally friendly too!

Ductless Mini Split System

Ductless mini-split systems are highly efficient but can be expensive to install. They heat your home very quickly, usually only taking 15 minutes to get the room temperature up to where you like it. These systems also come with remote controls that allow you to change the temperature of your room easily. You can also easily adjust your settings while you’re not home to create the best possible environment for your home!


Boiler systems are very similar to forced air systems, except they don’t use ductwork in your home. These gas-fired heating units distribute hot water through pipes instead of warm air. They are most commonly found in tiny houses and apartments, where they provide the most heating capacity for your dollar.

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