A Guide To Proper Heat Pump Operation And Maintenance

A Guide To Proper Heat Pump Operation And Maintenance
When it comes to home comfort, heat pumps are probably the busiest unit in the house. This should be a good reason for homeowners to learn how to properly manage the operation. Spencer Air Conditioning and Heating prepared some tips to guide you in running your heat pump. Keep Air Filters Clean  Usually, the cause of high energy consumption of your heat pump is dirty filter. Be sure to replace air filters regularly to prevent gathered particles from clogging the system. Dirty filters bring stress to the components of your heat pump taking too long for the system to give you the healthy and proper comfort that you need. It not just hinder the proper flow of air but trigger allergy symptoms and other respiratory illnesses. Master Your Thermostat The thermostat is a crucial part in the operation of your heat pump. The back-up heat automatically goes on when the temperature drops below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. To efficiently use your thermostat during the cold season, set it to 68 to 70 degrees and 78 to 80 degrees when the weather is hot. This way, your thermostat will work without triggering the automatic use of the back-up heat. Take note, backup heat is for emergency use only. It can double your energy consumption and stress the components of your heat pump. Be sure to turn the unit at normal operation when the system is fixed.  Restart Properly  You may need to restart your heat pump after more than 30 minute power outage. While the power isn’t back yet, you can make use of the heat pump’s emergency heat. When the power comes back, wait for an hour before setting the heat pump to normal mode. The refrigerants may have started cooling down so you need to heat them back before turning the unit to normal operation. Maintain Proper Airflow  For your indoor units, keep all furniture at certain distance and stop the usual habit of covering your vents and registers with mats, carpets, etc. Clear all shrubs, grass, leaves and twigs that block the outdoor unit. Keep plants at certain distance from it so that airflow won’t be obstructed while proper shading is given. If you want your heat pump to last for an extended period of time with no wasted energy to stress your budget, be equipped with these easy guides in keeping your unit running all throughout the seasons.  

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