Five Common Mistakes Homeowners Make with their A/C

Five Common Mistakes Homeowners Make with their A/C

Did you know? You could be causing damage to your air conditioner without knowing it. With that, it can reduce its performance and efficiency. As your local contractor, we’re here to help you get the most out of your unit.

Find out these common mistakes homeowners make with their comfort equipment. 

Not Scheduling A/C Tune-ups

Even if you aren’t experiencing trouble with your comfort equipment, regular maintenance service is needed at least once a year to check and clean its components. In the same way you schedule tune-ups for your car or check-ups for your body, the air conditioning unit does as well.

During a routine maintenance visit, HVAC techs will also test your system for any problems and replace worn or broken parts. Failing to schedule a tune-up service can reduce the lifespan of your A/C.

Using the Thermostat Improperly

Your thermostat controls the temperature inside your home. Using this device properly is an important part of protecting your comfort equipment. Making constant adjustments to the thermostat while the A/C is on can cause the unit to malfunction. Setting the device properly can save you money and your cooling system.

Ignoring Comfort Issues

If you are having problems with your air conditioning system, it’s important to address them immediately. These minor issues can snowball to bigger problems and damage your unit. Uneven cooling could be caused by dirty filters, faulty thermostats, or leaky ducts. Call your local contractor for an immediate fix.

Forgetting to Change Air Filters

Air filter helps prevent harmful particles such as dust, dirt, pollen, and animal dander from collecting inside your A/C and ductwork. It should be changed once every three months for better indoor air quality and an efficient system’s operation.

Overlooking Needed Duct Repairs

The ductwork is responsible for delivering the conditioned air throughout your home. When it gets clogged or damaged, it adds strain to your unit and wastes more energy. Leaky ducts could cause your A/C to malfunction and wear out faster. So, it’s important to get a professional duct inspection. It may need professional cleaning or sealing.

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