Today is MLK Day. For many of you it’s another Monday with your kids home from school, but for others it is a man whose life-changing work impacts your everyday existence. Whether you know little or a lot about Martin Luther King, Jr., here are ten tidbits you may not have heard before as we reflect and remember the dream he shared with us all. 1. The famous “I Have a Dream” speech was actually delivered two months before in Detroit before it became infamous in Washington D.C. 2. Martin’s given name was Michael. His father changed both of their names after a trip to Germany, although their birth certificates were never officially changed. 3. The Mountaintop Speech almost did not happen because of exhaustion. 4. King was a huge Star Trek fan. 5. King graduated from Morehouse College at 15. 6. Following his death, King won a Grammy for best spoken word. 7. King was stabbed in 1958 at a book signing and nearly died from the incident. 8. MLK day was not officially observed in all 50 states until 2000. 9. King earned his doctorate from Boston University. 10. King’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” was written in response to an article in the Birmingham Newspaper. “Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” -Martin Luther King, Jr. Spencer Air Conditioning and Heating at (972) 446-COOL (2665) or find out more about us at

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