December 9, 2020

Don’t Be Cold This Winter: Furnace Tips

Don’t Be Cold This Winter: Furnace Tips

It’s a mistaken belief that when your furnace worked properly last winter, it will surely operate just as well this season. Many homeowners in Irving, TX and the neighboring towns find themselves locked in the middle of the cold winter with a failing furnace due to their inattention. Here are easy and inexpensive ways to keep your furnace running in tiptop shape all winter-round and prevent HVAC emergencies.

Clean your furnace regularly.

The most common causes of furnace failure are dust and dirt which accumulate after a long period of use. There are wand style vacuum and hand duster that you can use to clean the components of your furnace and remove cobwebs and other debris that are potential fire hazards and can cause your furnace to work overtime. Be extra careful not to loosen the electrical wires to avoid electrical short.


Keep registers and vents clear of debris.

Be it dusts or other particles and furniture in or near your vents and registers, be sure to remove them. They can have a huge effect in the proper flow of air cause the unit to overwork. If there are furniture blocking your vents and registers, your unit won’t effectively heat your home the way you want it to be.


Replace furnace filters regularly.

Dirty air filter has a drastic effect on the operation of your furnace. The filtered particles gather in the strands and may cause blockage in the airflow. Even if you don’t use your filter, it can also get clogged of pet dander, dust mite and other debris. Air filter replacement should be done regularly and should be monitored thereafter. Look for the manufacturer’s guide to know how frequent you need to change it.


Conduct a visual inspection of your furnace.

You can choose to hire a heating and cooling technician to professionally inspect your furnace or you can do a visual check-up yourself. This is as easy as removing that noticeable dirt in and around your unit. If you happen to see inactive igniters, call a professional help right away or else you’ll be faced with tremendous increase in your heating bill.


Protect your budget and save your comfort from the winter chaos brought by a malfunctioning furnace. The experts at Spencer Air Conditioning and Heating can help. Call us anytime you need an HVAC inspection, repair and maintenance.