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Control Your Heating Bill With These Smart Tips

Control Your Heating Bill With These Smart Tips
Everyone wants to save on their heating costs this winter.  Fortunately, there are helpful ways you can do to make your units more efficient, your home more impenetrable, and your heating expense more manageable. Whether you’re in for some small changes or you want to try the big ones, you can count on these helpful tips from the professionals at Spencer Air Conditioning and Heating. Lower the thermostat setting. Put on your sweatshirts and socks or grab your blankets and turn down the thermostat by a degree or two. You’ll get as much as 10% saving by adjusting the usual setting and leaving it there. Use the natural heat from the sun. Never turn down free heat especially on winter. Keep those blinds and curtains up when the sun peaks during the day. Have a furnace tune-up. This should be done every year to keep your furnace working efficiently. This way, small problems are given solution before they cause greater issues in your units so you’ll be saved from expensive HVAC emergency services. Search for drafts and seal them. Finding drafts is a tricky job, but with the help of a handheld draft detector or a candle, you can surely find those sneaky airflows. Use weather stripping or spray foam insulation to seal them. Use space heaters. A space heater is a money-saving device you can use to warm the space you’re occupying so you can turn down the thermostats for the remaining unoccupied rooms. Invest in a furnace upgrade. If your thermostat has been serving you for quite some time now, you may need to replace it. This time, you need a professional consultation and we can give you just the right suggestions to boost your savings while enjoying a comfortable home. Insulate the attic properly. The greatest amount of wasted energy lies in the attic floor that’s why it’s always better to check and replace the insulation regularly. Conduct a home energy audit. It may seem like an additional expense but home energy audits are helpful procedure to identify the source of energy inefficiency in your home. It will also give you a detailed report of what you should do to maximize energy efficiency in your household. If you need help in making these steps possible, our friendly professionals are just around the corner.