Benefits of Cavity Wall Insulation in Your Irving, TX Home

Benefits of Cavity Wall Insulation in Your Irving, TX Home
Do you know that up to 50% of heated air in your Irving, TX home can leak through the wall? Yes, you read it right! Despite having a well-insulated ceiling and well-fitted windows, heat loss can still occur if your wall has cavities. Insulating wall cavities could make a significant difference to your indoor temperature, and consequently to your comfort and savings. Here are the benefits of cavity wall insulation in your Irving, TX home:
  • Improved Energy Efficiency Rating (EER)
The EER of your Irving, TX home can be improved by up to two stars by just installing cavity wall insulation. With improved EER, your heating system can operate at its most efficient state, resulting in reduced energy consumption and lower utility bill. The rate of improvement however, may vary on the size of your home, the location, number and size of your windows, and type of wall constructed.
  • Greater Savings
Reducing heat loss means lowering your monthly energy bill. You can cut down your heating energy consumption by up to 35% if you add cavity wall insulation to your existing ceiling insulation. Reducing the thermostat’s temperature after beefing up your wall insulation can also contribute to bigger savings.
  • Eco-Friendly Option
Do you know that excessive consumption of fossil fuels can increase your home’s carbon footprint? By reducing the heat loss and lowering your energy consumption, you can reduce the greenhouse gas emitted by your comfort equipment.
  • Sound-Proofing Solution
Insulating your wall can give you and your family privacy. This is because cavity wall insulation is an acoustic insulator that helps protect your home from unwanted noises that come from the outside. It even reduces the impact of internal noise on your neighbor. This solution is essential, particularly for houses with windowless walls. Cavity wall insulation can bring notable benefits to your Irving, TX home. If you are living in the area and have not installed wall insulation yet, then contact your local HVAC contractor to get the job done. Want to Reduce Heat Loss in Your Irving, TX Home? Our team at Spencer Air Conditioning & Heating got the best solution for you. We introduce the Handi-Fill Wall Seal that effectively fills blind wall cavities where there may be little to no insulation. This solution can properly seal and insulate wall cavities to keep the heated air inside your home and lower your energy consumption. Call us if you need a service estimate.