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A properly installed air conditioning system can help you stay cozy and allow you to beat the heat during summer. For A/C installation services in Carrollton, TX, no one does better than Spencer Air Conditioning and Heating. Our team of technicians is fully trained and well-experienced, making your installing project seamless and stress-free. 

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Signs You Need a New Air Conditioner 


It’s expensive to install a new air conditioner. On average, it costs hundreds or thousands of dollars. That’s why some homeowners always have their unit repaired, even if A/C installation services in Carrollton, TX might be necessary.

Below are a few signs that you need a new air conditioner:

It’s Too Old

Air conditioners are sturdy and can last for years. But as time goes by, their functionality or efficiency might change. They break down more often and can be a headache during warmer months. Whether your unit is a decade old or can no longer keep your home comfy, it might be time to consider A/C installation services in Carrollton, TX.

You’re Adjusting the Temperature Frequently

Do you wake up a couple of times at night to adjust the temperature on your air conditioner? That could turn your experience into a disaster. Of course, you can switch to a brand new thermostat. But what if some of your rooms are warmer than the rest? Your air conditioner might be the culprit, and a quick replacement is a bright idea. If you don’t know what brand to choose and invest in, a reputable HVAC company will guide you from beginning to end.

Your Monthly Energy Bills Get Out of Control 

An inefficient air conditioner can seriously drive up your energy bills. Blocked or leaky ductwork, for example, will give your unit a hard time meeting your specific home needs because of the limited airflow. As your A/C tries hard to keep your living space comfy, your electric bills will start to increase.

Limited Cooling Power

As your air conditioning unit gets older, some rooms in your home are likely to get warmer than the rest, and it’s hard to stay comfortable in that kind of environment, especially when it gets hotter day by day. Say bye to that convenience and take advantage of quality and competitively priced A/C installation services in Carrollton, TX. 

Strange Noises

It’s pretty normal for your air conditioning unit to create a sound while running. But if it becomes banging, screeching, humming, buzzing, rattling, clicking, or hissing, there could be something wrong with your unit. 

A banging noise could mean a faulty compressor. But for your safety, it’s best to have your system inspected by a licensed and fully trained technician.

It Leaks Water 

As air conditioners cool your home, it produces water, helping the unit perform its job efficiently. When the water does its part, it is then sent outside your home through the condensate drain line. 

But with time, it can be clogged with dirt, mold, dust, and other particles, causing it to leak water. When left untreated for a few days, your drywall might absorb the water, making it warp and peel.

Keep Your Home Comfortable with an Efficient Air Conditioner 

Whether your existing air conditioner is old and can’t keep your home comfortable in summer, it’s time to contact the pros for A/C installation services in Carrollton, TX, and look no further than Spencer Air Conditioning and Heating! Our technicians are always ready to assist you. 

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