10 Fun Facts About Presidents Day

1. George Washington was actually born under the Julian calendar making his birthday February 12th. When America switched to the Gregorian calendar, it changed his birth date to February 22nd. 2. It took 21 years from the time the idea of Presidents day was first discussed until the time it was official. 3. In 1971, the Unified Holidays Bill passed making all national holidays observed on Mondays. 4. Presidents Day is celebrated the third Monday in February as the national day of observation. 5. Presidents Day was left vague not making it clear if the holiday celebrates two presidents or all presidents. Traditionally, two presidents are honored by name: George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. 6. George Washington was the Electoral College’s unanimous choice to become the first President. 7. Since 1862 George Washington’s Farewell Address has been read on his birthday. 8. There is no official way to spelling Presidents Day. Some spell it President’s Day while others spell it Presidents’ Day depending on how many presidents one is celebrating. Presidents Day is also an accepted spelling. 9. The most popular dessert served on Presidents Day is the cherry pie in honor of the fabled story of George Washington and the cherry tree. 10. While Washington’s birthday is a federally recognized day, Lincoln’s birthday is actually not federally recognized even though many celebrate both birthdays jointly on Presidents Day.

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