Three Reasons to Change Your Air Filter Monthly

Life gets insanely busy, especially during the back to school season. Your to-do list can make you tired just thinking of all of the items yet to be accomplished. Adding one more item can be a smart move in the long run. Setting a monthly reminder to change your air filters can help lower your bills, keep your AC unit in top working condition, and increase the quality of air you breathe. 1. The air filter is manufactured to trap particles while still allowing air to flow into the AC system. Your air conditioner was designed to take in a certain amount of air. If the filter is clogged with too much dust, the fan won’t be able to draw in enough air to complete the cooling cycle as it was intended to. However, it will still attempt to get the right amount of air in, running for longer periods and raising your energy bills. 2. This extra run time can also take its toll on various parts of your AC system. The fan motor can become overworked, or the compressor (one of the priciest parts of the air conditioner) might suffer damage. The reduced air flow can cause an imbalance in the indoor air handler that may cause the air conditioner to freeze. Regular filter changes are a vital part of maintaining an air conditioner. 3. Most people think that the air filter is primarily in place to protect the quality of air, but the air filter was first designed to protect the AC system from incoming debris. A high-quality filter should be able to remove the microscopic particles that contribute the most to allergy and asthma symptoms. Whether you write it down on a calendar, set a reminder on your phone, or place it on your to-do list, remembering to change your filters each month can help with your bills, your home, and your health. Call us at (972) 446-COOL (2665) to find out more and see for yourself how this is the smartest call you could make today. You can also find us online at We have been serving your neighbors in the Metroplex since 1960 and would love to serve your family. Our longevity speaks for our quality.