Thanksgiving Myths vs. Facts

We eagerly look forward to the celebration of Thanksgiving each November, but how much do we really know about one of America’s favorite traditions. In 1620, English settlers left on the Mayflower intending to settle near the Hudson River. Instead, they ended up in Cape Cod Harbor. The settlement, known as Plymouth, would become the first permanent European settlement in New England and from this story would grow countless myths through the ages. Here are a few of the myths about Thanksgiving. 1. Myth: The first Thanksgiving was celebrated in November. Fact: The first Thanksgiving was celebrated sometime between September 21 and November 11. The exact date is unknown, but what is known is that the celebration lasted three days. The day was declared by Governor William Bradford to celebrate the completion of harvest and the day was based on the English harvest celebrations. 2. Myth: Thanksgiving was the original name given to the holiday by the Pilgrims. Fact: The Pilgrims would have viewed a Thanksgiving as a religious day thanking God for a specific event. They would have gone to church and would not have been allowed to sing secular songs, dance, or play games. Because the Pilgrims’ feast was celebrated with secular events, they would never have dreamed of giving the event a religious name such as Thanksgiving. 3. Myth: Pilgrims wore black and white. Fact: Black and white were commonly worn only on Sunday and formal occasions. Women typically dressed in red, earthy green, brown, blue, violet, and gray, while men wore clothing in white, beige, black, earthy green, and brown. 4. Myth: Thanksgiving has been a yearly event since the 1600s. Fact: In 1623 the settlers, fasting during a period of drought, changed their celebration to one of Thanksgiving when the rain started. New England began celebrating a day of Thanksgiving after the harvest each year. During the American Revolution it was suggested by the Continental Congress that Thanksgiving be observed. The states adopted the custom first. It was not until 1863 that Abraham Lincoln appointed Thanksgiving as the last Thursday in November. Many believe this date was selected to correspond with the landing of the Mayflower on November 21, 1621. What is for sure is that great service at Spencer Air Conditioning and Heating is not a myth. You can expect quality service from a company with over 50 years of service. Look into our Comfort Maintenance Plan and schedule a visit today by calling us at 972-446-COOL (2665) or at

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