Why Does My Air Conditioner Smell Bad?

Does your home greet you with strange, unpleasant odors when you walk through the door? It could possible be that your A/C in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex has some issues which cause those unwanted smells. Know what these odors are, why they occur, and what they mean. If  Your A/C Smells Like Stinky Socks Does your. [Read more…]

Lower the Humidity Level in Your Home with These Simple Tips

Even though your air conditioning unit in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is working at its best, the humidity level can still rise and make your home less comfortable. This means that besides sufficient cooling, your home should also have a controlled humidity level for it to become more comfortable for everyone. Here are the simple steps. [Read more…]

Commercial Air Handler Maintenance Checklist

Preventive air handler maintenance in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is essential to maintain your comfort and keep your commercial HVAC system running in its best performance. The air handler is responsible for moving the air through your duct work and into your building. That is why when it malfunctions, you tend to experience poor airflow in. [Read more…]

Important Things You Need to Know Before Buying a New A/C

If your air conditioner tends to consume more energy and no longer provides the comfort you demand from it, one of the options you may have in mind is a replacement. When buying a new unit, however, there are a few things you need to think about… so keep reading. Schedule a Load Calculation First. [Read more…]

Is A Comfort Maintenance Plan Worth the Money?

Instead of paying for individual repair jobs and maintenance visits, you can now get a comfort maintenance plan for your HVAC system in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. But what is this maintenance plan and is it worth the money? Continue reading below! What is a Comfort Maintenance Plan? A comfort maintenance plan is a contract between. [Read more…]

Signs You Need Professional A/C Repair

Hot weather in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is the great equalizer whether you’re a homeowner or business owner. For this reason, everyone might agree on one thing: it is never good to have a poor performing cooling system in sweltering months. So before the dog days arrive, be sure to monitor your A/C and schedule a. [Read more…]

Common Air Conditioner Problems in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

When your space feels less comfortable, or your energy bill constantly rises, then your A/C might have some serious problems. Knowing what these issues are will give you an idea when to schedule your A/C repair in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Here are the common air conditioner problems you should be aware of: A/C Doesn’t Blow. [Read more…]