Should You Sign Up For Our Comfort Maintenance Plan?

Should You Sign Up For Our Comfort Maintenance Plan?
If you want a safe and comfortable home with efficient and reliable equipment, you need to enroll in the Residential Comfort Maintenance Agreement at Spencer Air Conditioning and Heating. Here are good reasons why investing in a planned comfort agreement is necessary for every homeowner in Dallas, TX.
  • Faulty HVAC systems are the common reasons for house fires and other accidents that can lead to damages in properties and even death. This is something you do not want to happen in your home.
  • By keeping in touch with your systems, a service maintenance agreement assures your units are efficient in their operation. This results in greater comfort and saving.
  • You should make sure that your equipment can protect you from the hottest and coldest times of the year. Enrolling in a comfort maintenance plan is a good start.
  • Regular filter replacement and duct inspections are critical to maintaining a healthy indoor environment. If you want to keep your indoor air quality healthy all the time, our service maintenance plan can help.
Spencer Air Conditioning and Heating’s Comfort Maintenance Plan If you are living in Dallas County and you are looking for a heating and cooling company to take care of your home’s comfort, Spencer Air Conditioning and Heating is the right company to call. We offer a Comfort Maintenance Plan that will guarantee your unit’s efficiency and proper operation throughout its lifespan. Check out the following details:
  • 21-point check-up performed by a Spencer technician twice a year.
  • 10-15% discount on all repairs performed by Spencer Air Conditioning on the covered system.
  • Two years or lifetime warranty on all repairs made under the plan.
  • One free diagnostic fee per year (Platinum plan only).
  • One FREE filter replacement per Tune-Up (1” Standard Size).
When you experience a failing air conditioning unit in the middle of the long hot day or your heater malfunctions in the cold winter night, do not worry. When you are enrolled in our residential comfort maintenance plan, all you need to do is call, and our technicians will do the magic. Secure your comfort and keep your heating and cooling system safe to use. Enroll in our Platinum and Gold Comfort Maintenance Plan today. At Spencer’s, we guarantee your comfort and savings are in good hands no matter what the season is.  

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