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This amazing product saves you hundreds of dollars on your heating and cooling bills! The Attic Tent is a specially engineered, patented insulator designed to create an air transfer barrier between your attic and living areas. It is a practical and economical solution to a problem that has existed since homes were first built with overhead attic entries. That problem is wasted energy through and around the attic door and stairs. Ask your Spencer Technician about how an Attic Tent  can start saving you money today!

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hvac service irving tx


The Air Knight is designed to eliminate sick building syndrome risks by reducing mold bacteria and viruses. As well as odors, air pollutants, VOCs and smoke.

The Air Knight cells are easily mounted into air conditioning and heating systems air ducts where most sick building problems start.

Additionally, the Air Knight REME difference is amazing. Adding particulate removal combined with reducing odors, air pollutants, VOC’s (chemical odors), smoke, mold bacteria and viruses.

The Air Knight REME is easily mounted into the home’s air conditioning and heating system air ducts where many indoor air quality problems start.


The Infinity Touch control is the key to unlocking your comfort potential. It’s also the brains behind a Greenspeed® intelligence system.

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The award-winning Infinity air purifier works silently in-line with your HVAC system to make the air you breathe healthier. It uses Captures and Kills technology to trap up to 95% of pathogens down to .30 micron in size, then uses an electrical charge to kill or inactive them.

With every cycle of air that passes through this patented air purifying system—up to 8 per hour, pollen, animal dander, smoke, bacteria and other pollutants are trapped and held tightly to the filter. An electrical charge then bursts the cell walls of pathogens it comes in contact with.

Independent testing has proven the Infinity air purifier’s effectiveness against 13 pathogens plus a common household fungus.