Local’s Top Pick: Mesquite Heating and Air Conditioning Services

mesquite heating and air

In Mesquite, where summer barbecues and Friday night football are traditions, a top-tier HVAC system is essential. Dive in to see why our heating and air solutions are a local favorite, ensuring homes stay as vibrant as our community events.

Expert Heating and Cooling Solutions in Mesquite, TX

Air Conditioner, Indoor Air Quality, and Heating System Services

  • Expertise in residential HVAC troubleshooting and repair

  • Proactive residential maintenance for all seasons

  • Energy efficient air conditioning: specialized care for your cooling needs

  • Upgrades and replacements for heating and cooling systems

  • Swift air handler replacements

  • Precision in residential ductwork setup

  • Advanced ventilation and exhaust fan installations

  • Move-in inspections and real estate HVAC services

  • Efficient filter upkeep and replacements

  • Flexible financing and leasing options for residential equipment

The Comfort Maintenance Promise

  • Bi-annual 21-point HVAC inspection

  • Exclusive repair discounts

  • Assured warranties on all repair tasks

  • Platinum Plan: Yearly complimentary diagnostic

  • Bonus filter replacement with every Tune-Up

Energy Efficiency Assessments

  • Comprehensive home energy and comfort tests

  • Active collaboration with the ENERGY STAR® program

  • Affiliation with the renowned Comfort Institute

Commercial HVAC Excellence in Mesquite

  • Full-spectrum commercial air conditioning, HVAC, and indoor air quality solutions

  • Scheduled commercial maintenance programs

  • Expertise in condensing unit replacements

  • State-of-the-art new installation of air conditioner

  • Rooftop unit servicing, replacements, and more

  • Precision-driven commercial duct installations

  • Ventilation solutions and exhaust fan setups

  • Comprehensive real estate HVAC inspections

  • Regular filter care and replacements

  • Essential preventive maintenance for leased spaces

  • Attractive financing and leasing for commercial HVAC equipment

Heating Maintenance Mastery

  • Tailored Maintenance Service Packages

  • In-depth HVAC inspections and actionable reports

  • Seasonal HVAC fine-tuning

  • Advanced predictive maintenance techniques

  • Round-the-clock system monitoring

  • Holistic care for a range of HVAC equipment and controls.

Heating Maintenance

Heating & Air Conditioning FAQs

Is there a combination furnace and air conditioner?

Yes, a combination furnace and air conditioner is known as a packaged unit designed to provide both heating and cooling from one system. This space-saving solution is perfect for homes with limited space or those seeking a streamlined HVAC approach.

Should the air conditioner and furnace be the same brand?

It’s beneficial, but not mandatory to have the AC unit and furnace from the same brand. When matched, these systems often work together more efficiently, potentially extending their lifespan and simplifying maintenance.

What is a combo furnace?

A combo furnace, or dual-fuel system, combines a gas furnace with a heat pump. This hybrid system allows homeowners to switch between gas and electric heating, optimizing cost-effectiveness and efficiency based on current conditions.

Our HVAC Company

Established as HVAC contractors in Northern Texas in 1960, serving Dallas Metroplex and more, Spencer Air Conditioning and Heating stands as a testament to unmatched excellence in the industry. Initiated by the indomitable spirit of Harry Spencer, our foundation is anchored in perseverance, deep community ties, and unwavering dedication to service.

Why Opt for Spencer?

  • Local Insight: Intimately familiar with Mesquite’s distinct climate demands.

  • Legacy of Excellence: Six decades of unparalleled HVAC expertise.

  • Holistic Offerings: Addressing every HVAC concern with precision.

  • Skilled Craftsmen: Accredited experts delivering excellent service.

  • Personalized Touch: Custom-fit strategies for residences and enterprises.

  • Cutting-Edge Methods: Utilizing the most advanced HVAC techniques for superior outcomes.

  • Always Accessible: Remember, we’re just a service call away.

With Spencer, you’re not merely selecting a provider; you’re aligning with a tradition of warmth and excellence.