How to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality This Winter?

How to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality This Winter?
Temperature, humidity, and cleanliness are the three factors that determine the quality of the air inside your home. If one of them is compromised, the airborne allergens and other harmful contaminants may thrive and can cause problems in your health. The more reason why it’s important to maintain the condition of your heating system in Irving, TX. This winter, make sure to improve your indoor air quality by following these simple steps:
  • Check and Clean Your Air Ducts
Call the professionals to check your ductwork. They can spot the leaks and repair them to prevent the heated air from escaping and the outside air from going in. Also, they can clean your duct system to prevent the heated and filtered air from contamination once disbursed in your home.
  • Take Advantage of IAQ Products
The IAQ products like ultraviolet lights, pollutant-capturing filters, energy-recovery ventilators, and humidifiers are just a few of the devices that help improve indoor air quality in the cold months. You can use any of these products to maintain the fresh and high-quality air inside your home. But before you buy, be sure to talk to your local HVAC company to know what IAQ device works best with your heating system.
  • Improve Your Ventilation
Increasing ventilation in your home is among the best ways to improve your indoor air quality. A good exchange of indoor and outdoor air is important to keep your indoor air quality high. The simplest way to do this is to open windows on temperate days to draw in the fresh air. Talk to your HVAC company to assess the air exchange rate in your home and get recommendations for your heating system in Irving, TX to improve ventilation.
  • Stay Away From Chemicals
The aerosol sprays like household cleaners and deodorants are known for depositing chemical residues around your living space. Synthetic cleaning products, particularly those that contain fragrances, can emit harmful chemicals into the air you breathe. Be sure to always check the labels of the household products you buy to keep your breathing space safe throughout the winter.
  • Schedule a Regular Furnace Tune-Up
By scheduling regular maintenance, you can get your heating system ready for comfort challenges (including poor quality indoor air) brought on by the winter season. Your technician can clean the internal parts of your unit, replace your dirty air filter, recalibrate your thermostat, check the battery of your CO detector, and even install humidifiers and ventilators to ensure better IAQ. Enjoy a worry-free and healthy winter by following the tips we mentioned above. Since winter brings uncomfortable and dry air inside your living space, it would be great if you prepare your home as early as now. If you need help preparing your heating system in Irving, TX or more home comfort tips this winter, call us at Spencer Air Conditioning & Heating today.

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