Hot Spots in Your House: Is It Bad Ducts or a Bad AC?

Hot Spots in Your House: Is It Bad Ducts or a Bad AC?
Even with regular maintenance checks, there is no 100% assurance that your air conditioning system will not give you a headache in the long summer months. And when you notice hot spots inside your home when your unit is running, you probably need an immediate system repair. But the culprit does not always hide in your A/C. Sometimes, hot and cold spots are also caused by damaged ductwork. So what is causing this troublesome temperature imbalance inside your home? Let’s find out. When A/C Units Are in Bad Condition There are different possibilities that can lead to an uneven temperature around the house. This can be because of insufficient refrigerant levels in the system which is primarily caused by leaks. The system probably has dirty coils which hinder proper heat absorption. A blocked outdoor cabinet can also be the reason for it prevents heat from venting out properly. Lastly, the compressor might be short-cycling, so your A/C has an incomplete cooling cycle. Whatever the cause is, if not given proper attention, these problems can lead to major issues in the A/C’s operation. That is why you should immediately call an HVAC professional for complete diagnosis and solution. When Ductwork Fails To Work When it comes to damaged ductwork, the main culprits lie on the leaks and breaks along the ducts which allow air to escape. The materials used for the ductworks are plastics and duct board which can easily be damaged. Additionally, age can also affect your ductwork’s efficiency. The leaks in your ductwork can cause the hot and cold spots inside your home. Furthermore, when conditioned air escapes from the ducts, you will be faced with a tremendous increase in your utility bill. Since you will be using your A/C system for the long summer months, you can expect much higher energy cost until you call a professional help and have your ducts fixed or replaced. Expert A/C Repairs and Duct Sealing Services Whether you need an air conditioning system or ductwork repair and replacement services in Irving, TX and the DFW Metroplex, you can rely on our professional team at Spencer Air Conditioning and Heating. We perform top-notch duct-sealing and air conditioning repair services on all makes and models. Get to know us more! Schedule an appointment today, and our experts will come knocking at your door in no time.

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