Wireless Thermostat Controls

As part of any comfort maintenance plan, it is important to address a major issue that is common in almost every American household—the thermostat battle. Most everyone has encountered this as one family member cranks it up or down (depending on the season) because they are too hot or too cold, while the one who. [Read more…]

Comfort Maintenance Plans | Choosing the Best Temperature for Your Home

There are many ways our technicians perform service under our comfort maintenance plans to help customers save money on their energy bills. The average homeowner has no idea what the ideal temperature setting is optimal for comfort and energy savings, and it seems as if they are playing Wheel of Fortune in a constant effort. [Read more…]

Homeowner Tips | Do You Have a Local AC Repair Company You Can Trust?

Homeowner tips for how to find a good local air conditioning company come in handy when you arrive home from long day at work on a hot day to find out the temperature inside is hotter than the temperature outside. When you left that morning, the air conditioner unit was humming away, keeping the inside. [Read more…]

Home Owner Tips | AC Units vs. Heat Pumps: For a Southern Home

Southern climates have greater needs for air conditioning, and there are home owner tips that can provide you with advice on which is the better option where you live. Humidity, excessive heat and other factors all have an effect on the efficiency of your air conditioning unit, so it is important to choose wisely. Year-Round. [Read more…]

Homeowner tips | Spencer Spotlight on David Cummons

At Spencer AC & Heating, we love giving out homeowner tips that help our customers save money and create a more comfortable home. One thing we know is that we would be unable to any of that without our talented and dedicated staff. We consider all staff to be members of our family, and this. [Read more…]

HVAC Tips To Improve Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that our indoor air could put our health at risk? The mold and mildew that grow on the walls, the use of tough household cleaners, and even dust can cause dizziness, nausea, headaches, and respiratory problems. Below is a rundown of tips you can follow to improve your indoor air quality. Change. [Read more…]

Home Energy Tips | Understanding SEER Numbers on your HVAC System

Most people are unaware that every air conditioning unit has what is known as a seasonal energy efficient ratio (SEER) number. As these home energy tips explain, this number is important when it comes to determining the efficiency of your unit. Now, the SEER number is not a crystal ball that will show you how. [Read more…]

How Much Are the Typical AC Repair Costs

How Much Does the Typical AC Repair Cost?   The rules of Murphy’s Law indicate that as soon as temperatures reach and exceed 100 degrees, AC repair costs are probably in your future. No one worries about AC repair when the weather is a comfortable 60 or 70 degrees and you simply open windows to. [Read more…]

Five Heating and Cooling Repair Tips

Five Heating and Cooling Repair Tips  Of all the joys of homeownership, heating and cooling repair is not exactly in the top five on the list. In fact, for most homeowners, HVAC repair would rank somewhere around having a root canal and paying taxes. While it would be nice to have an HVAC repair specialist. [Read more…]

How to Interpret Your Utility Bills

Anyone who has taken the time to actually look at their utility bills can attest to the fact that utility company billing departments must not be speaking the same language as the customer. With charts, graphs, and words the average customer has never heard of splashed across the bill, it is no wonder that people do not. [Read more…]