Heating Tune-Up: What’s in it for me? Why a heating tune-up is exactly what you need.

Happy Monday! If you’re like most of us, you woke up this morning and grabbed your cell phone, computer, or turned on your TV to find that “baby, it’s cold outside”. In Texas, anything less than fifty degrees demands action. The heaters must be turned on at once. Is your heater ready? Your 20 point. [Read more…]

5 Reasons to Schedule Your Heating Tune-up Today

When the sound of Christmas carols hit the stores, the smell of cinnamon wafts through the air, and the brisk, chilly air nips your nose, you know it’s time for your heating tune-up. So why should you invest in a heating tune-up? Safety: Having your unit checked can head off potential problems that could put. [Read more…]

Get Ready, Get Set, Travel: Reducing Your Energy Costs Before Winter Travel

The holidays are almost here and for most of us, that means it’s time to pack up the car, load up the kids, and hit the road. While you’re away enjoying food and football, you may be throwing away money back at home. See our tips below to help you save some money on your. [Read more…]

Home Air Quality | Carrier® Air Purifiers

This week we wrap up our series on air purifiers with another great recommendation for you. The average person spends 90% of their time indoors breathing 2300 gallons of air each day. With so much of our time spent inside, Carrier Infinity and Carrier Performance provide you with the defense you need against air pollution.. [Read more…]

Home Air Quality | Air Purifiers – Breathe Fresh, Clean Air

Your home needs an air purifier. Now what? The list of products on the market is endless and the task of finding the right fit for your home can seem overwhelming. We have two great recommendations. We’ll break down the systems for you and take the hassle off your hands. This week we will highlight. [Read more…]

Home Air Quality | Why Invest in an Air Purifier?

Americans spend $250 million dollars a year on air purifiers. You may be wondering what all the hype is about. Do air purifiers really work? Are they necessary? This week we’ll cover why an air purifier in your home may be the solution your family has been looking for. The air inside the typical home. [Read more…]

Indoor Air Quality: Carbon Monoxide in Homes

When you think of indoor air quality in homes, especially in the Southwest, you probably think first about dust. While particles of dirt, sand, and other debris in the air can be a nuisance and a health problem, carbon monoxide in your home can be a real killer. Without proper detection, you might not even. [Read more…]

Home Air Quality: Dehumidifying Heat Pumps

In some areas and during some seasons, humidity is the biggest threat to home air quality. The level of moisture in the air not only affects comfort, it can also be a cause of health problems and lead to structural damage over time. High humidity levels create an environment where mold, mildew and bacteria thrive.. [Read more…]

Homeowner Energy Tips: Geothermal Heating Systems

Homeowner energy tips often include installing environmentally friendly—or green—heating and cooling systems. Geothermal heating systems certainly fit the bill, but do they fit your budget and your home? What should you consider before choosing a geothermal system? Geothermal systems take advantage of the Earth’s heat to passively control the temperature in your home. At a. [Read more…]

Homeowners Energy Tips: Radiant Barriers

Most of us keep our eyes open for homeowner energy tips to save money. One inexpensive tip often overlooked is the installation of a radiant barrier in the attic. Radiant barriers can save as much as 25 percent on your summer heating costs and are fairly easy to install. They are a particularly good investment. [Read more…]