How Much Are the Typical AC Repair Costs

How Much Does the Typical AC Repair Cost?


The rules of Murphy’s Law indicate that as soon as temperatures reach and exceed 100 degrees, AC repair costs are probably in your future. No one worries about AC repair when the weather is a comfortable 60 or 70 degrees and you simply open windows to enjoy a cool breeze. As many homeowners attest, AC units simply decide to crash and burn (pun intended) when the weather is so unbearably hot that sidewalk egg frying becomes a popular pastime. Although regular maintenance can reduce the likelihood of needing AC repair, should you have a problem, here are some things to ask your service technician. How Do I Know if I Need an AC Repair?  Sometimes it is clearly evident that you need AC repair. If your unit clunks like your Great Aunt Bessie in her orthopedic shoes or whistling like Tom Sawyer watching people paint his fence, you probably need to call for repairs. If your home is no longer cooling effectively, even on days that are not unbearably hot, you best get ready to incur some AC repair costs. Average AC Repair Costs According to HomeAdvisor, the AC repair costs in Texas range between $331 and $485, with $408 being the average, based on 2,309 cost profiles. The minimum cost for an AC repair is $100 with the maximum reported cost being $900. Of course, each AC repair cost varies based on the problem, the parts needed to repair the unit and the labor required to get the system back up and running. Can I Postpone the Repair?  Many homeowners put off AC repairs despite the fact that the unit sounds like a jet engine upon startup, or they choose to avoid AC repair costs by having family members carry portable fans from room to room, even when the air conditioning unit is active.  However, continuing to run the unit could cause it to overheat and burn out completely, forcing you to replace the entire unit rather than simply making more affordable repairs. Either way you’ll pay—it’s just a matter of how much. Procrastination makes for awful economics. How Do I Keep It Working Properly?  The best way to keep your unit working properly is by performing routine preventative maintenance. Clean or replace the air filter, while checking for obstructions. Turn your system off when you don’t need it. This will extend the life of your air conditioning unit and reduce how many times you get to see your service technician. If you are looking for an air conditioning technician, choose one that is competent and has the experience to deal with your situation—like the ones at Spencer Heating and Air. For more information, or to schedule service on your HVAC unit, visit today. You can also connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.